· Swedish Massage          for relaxation and a sense of well-being

· Deep Tissue                   release adhesions in muscle tissue

· Sports Massage             improve circulation and performance 

· Trigger Point                relieve sore muscles and joints

· Passive Stretching       restore flexibility and range of motion


“Many years as a professional ski instructor, yoga student, mountain biker, hiker and whitewater kayaker, has helped me understand exactly how to release and soothe sore muscles and joints from a hard day of playing in the outdoors.  Sessions are specifically tailored to suit your needs.  House calls are my specialty!”                 


Client comments:

“Strong, skillful. Great knowledge of functional anatomy and pathology."   -Mark Pandapas,M.D.

"Very sensitive and intuitive about the tension areas that needed help."   -Ann Bullwinkel

"Good deep pressure, but smooth and gentle technique."   -Gail Landis


Shelley Brust
Certified Massage Therapist
14 years experience

 Sun Valley, ID